Bet You Didn’t Know How Sleeping Positions Can Affect Your Health

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We need sleep to recharge and relax after a long day – it’s like charging your phone’s battery. But quality sleep depends on a healthy Posture while sleeping, too!

Sleep helps restore many important functions in the body, such as cell turnover, psychological problems we might be dealing with and detoxification, to name a few. After a good night’s rest, it feels better to start a new day. While it’s easy for some to sleep, other people might find it extremely hard to relax for extended periods of time. This might be Related to sleeping Postures, believe it or not!

Was ist die beste Schlafposition

Aside from the unique Postures we sleep in, these can be divided into three general categories. Side, stomach and back sleeping positions all have advantages and disadvantages.

Back sleepers are considered to be the luckiest of them all. This position is the best when it comes to a stable spine during sleep, it helps preserve its flexibility and healthy condition. The only disadvantage is that people who are prone to snoring will find that this Posture increases its occurrence. 

A large number of people prefer to sleep on their sides. Whether its left or right side, this position is very common. You might find that you tend to roll around in your sleep a lot, to Prevent your arms or legs getting numb. If you are a heavy sleeper who stays in one position for the whole night, laying on your right side all the time can cause stomach issues, such as reflux.

If you sleep on your belly, you need to be mindful of your pillow and your neck area, if possible. Many back issues and pain originate from the neck vertebrae, which is very tense in this position. If you find that you can’t make yourself sleep any other way, make sure you invest in a pillow specifically designed for belly sleepers, for a healthy spine.

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