The Best Ways To Entertain Your Kid and Spend Time Together

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Have you ever been in a situation, in which you simply forgot to take kids’ toys, all of them? Perhaps, you’ll have to wait in the queue for another hour or so? Or maybe your`re waiting at the doctor`s office, and your child got bored playing with what he has? As a parent, you will face moments, when your kiddo wants to have fun together and play some games. Luckily, you have everything you need to play some (or all!) of the games mentioned below!

No preparations need!

No preps are needed to entertain your kid and get all of his attention on you and you alone. When you need to waste a few minutes together in that queue, it’s exactly what you’re looking for!

  • Look for a pen or a highlighter, many people (still!) have those in their bags. Write any letter on your palm, but don`t let your kid know what you wrote! Ask to guess the written letter, while checking your kid’s knowledge of the alphabet.
  • Another game is “Three things I did today”. Don’t be shy and ask clarifying stories while your kid is talking!
  • If your child goes to school,  quiz him about his schoolmates and count every single one, hoping there are many pupils in the class!

Get creative with what surrounds you!

Look through items in your bag or purse and realize there are many things that your kid would love to explore. You can create interest in lots of things and pass time on exploring them.

  • Your wristwatch is good for showing you what time is it. Whether your kid knows how to use it or not, it may be the perfect time for a mini-lesson!
  • It`s crucial to develop powerful abilities to focus and memory from the very youth. Be creative to turn training into a game. To do that, ask your kid to look around the room you`re currently in. Then tell him to close his eyes. Hide one item, preferably a small one, away. Will your kid notice the difference and realize which object was taken away?

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