Discover the amazing things that happen when you put rice in your closet

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Rice is a favorite food by many and goes alongside a lot of delicious dishes; however, it serves more purposes than cooking. In fact, this amazing ingredient can revive your mobile phone if it ever falls in the toilet, bath, or swimming pool. Placing your phone in a bowl of rice can dry the whole thing! This is just one fantastic thing rice can do, so let’s look at what can happen when you place it in your closet.

Reduces mold and acts as an air conditioner for your closet.

deodorize wardrobe

If you’ve used rice to dry your mobile phone after it has gotten into a water accident, you’ll be familiar with the fact the ingredient can absorb moisture. This means it can help dry other household items, such as half-dried clothes in your wardrobe. Without rice, these clothes can make the area smell bad and cause mold.

Since rice has the amazing property of absorbing moisture, it can act as an air conditioner in your closet. Simply add some scented essential oil to the rice, and place it in the wardrobe. Not only will the area start to smell good, but all your items will be protected, and you won’t have to spend much money to get rid of mold.

All you need is a cup of rice, your chosen essential oil, a small piece of cloth, and a rubber band to secure it all:

How to make a rice & essential oil air freshener - BC Guides

  • Place your rice in the bowl and add around 15-20 drops of essential oil.
  • Cover the mixture with a small piece of cloth and secure it in place with a rubber band.
  • Put the prepared bowl in your desired location, such as a smelly closet.
  • You can use the rice for up to 3 months, less if it’s brown rice.

But this isn’t the only thing you can use rice for…

How to make a rice & essential oil air freshener - BC Guides

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