Discover the amazing things that happen when you put rice in your closet

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Bring your mobile phone back to life

If you’ve ever experienced the panic of dropping your mobile phone in water, you’ll understand the panic that follows. However, grabbing a bowl of rice can help absorb all the water out of your phone. Place your phone in the bowl and leave it there for at least 48 hours. Ensure you remove the battery and SIM card first if your phone allows it.

Wet iPhone | Phone in Rice Method

Freshen up your bananas. 

You may have noticed that bananas can turn brown almost as soon as you’ve bought them. This can become irritating, especially if you want to eat it. However, you don’t have to throw the bananas away as we have a special tip to use. You can bring these bananas back to yellow life by putting some rice in a zip lock bag along with the fruit and zipping it up completely. Leave the bag for around an hour, remove it, and then use a hair dryer to dry the banana completely. Before your eyes, you’ll see the brown banana turn yellow again.

Can You Really Revive an Overripe Banana with a Hair Dryer? | Kitchn

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